Are You The One?

Are you a person who loves to create, explore, and work on something you are actually passionate about? Or let’s say, are you someone who thinks that, just writing an exam at the end of a school year is not the most effective way of learning? If yes, Propel is the right place for you my friend.

I acquired the ‘self-learning’ impression of Propel after attending different meetings in grade 10, and that’s why I joined this program. I am in the third week now. Looking back on the two weeks which quickly went by, I can say that I was amazed by some of the activities that we did. The escape room field trip was a fun-learning experience. I could know something interesting about each of my team mate in just one hour. The marshmallow spaghetti tower challenge involved a lot of shivering and screaming but, it was completely worth it.

Also, those weeks were full of small lessons which involved a lot of group discussion. Each lesson had a deep message in it.

Here is my takeaway from two of my favorite lessons:

Embrace the Shake: I really liked this ted talk because of its positivity. My favorite line was, ‘We need to first become limited to become limitless.” I liked the creative hidden message behind this video. The speaker asks us to embrace our limitations and then use them as a source of creativity. He says that learning is always inside the box, within the resources you have.

Steal like an Artist: Just like my other classmates, I was not quite convinced by the word ‘steal’. It can have a negative impact on anyone. The speaker in the video stresses the fact that ‘nothing is original!’ I agree with this thought but, not with the language he used. I believe that everything is inspired by something that already exists but that does not mean that nothing is original. Now if I didn’t like it, then why is it my favourite? Only because the visuals he used were very eye catching and kept the audience engaged in the presentation. That’s one thing which is very difficult to do, and he nailed it!

For the next two weeks we have a lot less lessons because we are working on our proof of concept. This is our time to show the teachers what we are capable of. In other words, the things which would bring us one step closer to our project and the things we can do on our own without their help.

My project is based on raising funds for charity. Within two weeks, my aim is to arrange meetings with as many institutions as possible. To have effective meetings I have to work on my professional communication skills. Two weeks from now, I will create a list of communications tips lists. The lists include:

  1. “Ridhima’s Top 10 Business Communication Tips”
  2. “Ridhima’s Top 10 Phone Communication Tips”
  3. “Ridhima’s Top 10 Business Meeting Tips”
  4. “Ridhima’s Top 10 Scheduling Tips”

This is to gain confidence. After four months, I want to have confidence in my voice for my final presentation.

Sometimes when I get worried about the end product of my project, I regret my decision of opting propel. But, I know that at the end of four months when I will walk out of this room, I would have something very fruitful in my hands .


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