I Left My Comfort Zone!

Those two weeks were really stressful. My proof of concept, as mentioned in the last blog, was about talking to different people and organizations- something I absolutely don’t like to do. I had to really push myself and stay motivated to get work done. I think my proof of concept went at a decent pace and it could have been better. I had the fear of planning more and more and not doing anything, but just because of this fear I think I probably didn’t plan enough. I could have planned a little more about my fundraising events in those two weeks to clarify things to myself at least.

The best thing about my project was that I learned how your ideas could change drastically based on your goals. For instance, I had never thought that just after one conversation with my career development teachers, I would change my project idea and would end up collaborating with McDonalds and WPG Blue Bombers. Apart from this, I learned that working on your own is not easy. It requires a lot of dedication and it was definitely not my piece of cake.

To get my project going in the right direction and to understand the entire setup of my project (how would it happen?), I started meeting people involved in my project. Two important people I met to just discuss my ideas were the St. Boniface McDonald’s restaurant manager and Obby Khan (a former blue bombers player). I had really good and productive conversations with them about possible ideas and collaboration. You know it’s a good conversation when the other person is responding well and shooting questions at you.

Presently, we just finished working on our big picture goals. This was the time when we visualized the project in our mind, to decide what it would look like and what it would accomplish once completed.

No one can really predict the future, but I pictured that my project once completed would benefit the Ronald McDonald Charity House. I would achieve this by hosting a fundraiser in collaboration with McDonald’s and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers club. As I said in my proof of concept presentation, I don’t wish my project to be a success, I wanna work hard towards making it a success.


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