It Feels Like a Roller Coaster Ride!

Imagine waking up in the morning and having only negative thoughts about your project, even while brushing your teeth. Last week, has been a similar one for me. I had no idea of what was happening to my project. Every morning I woke up stressed and wanting to cry. I could only think of things like- what if it didn’t work? What if I never got an approval? It was as if the entire week was full of what ifs. I really needed to talk to someone, and I couldn’t think of anyone better than my mom.

I talked to her about everything that I was going through. She made me feel better. She asked me not to give up and just keep working. Also, she gave me examples of some family members who had done great work and how they had to go through hardships and obstacles.

Then, I decided to stop telling myself that, I shouldn’t have changed my project idea during my proof of concept. I stopped worrying about the end product and decided to just work with honesty and a true heart. I started with finalizing a complete project idea by bringing together all the different elements.

For my project, my hope is to organize and host a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House in concert with McDonald’s restaurant (the St. Boniface Goulet location) and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Football Club.

In this project, I will Collaborate with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers football club. I want to have Blue Bombers come out to the Goulet McDonald’s location to draw the attention of the community and attract them to the restaurant. The players would engage with the customers and sign autographs for them.

The fundraising event would work according to the Profit Split Format. In this initiative, proceeds of revenue generated during the run time of the event would go towards Ronald McDonald House.

To stay organized I divided my entire project into key goals that I had to achieve in order to complete my project. Some of the most important milestones were the ones where I had to connect with different people such as, Mr. Obby Khan, McDonalds owners, Winnipeg Blue Bombers Football Club administration. Ronald McDonald House, etc. to collect information. Though this sounds easy, but it gave me a real hard time.

Since, all of them are busy people and have different duties, it got really tough for me to reach them. But, I tried my best. During this time, Outlook kind of became my best friend. Communicating with different people through emails helped me stay organized. I booked appointments, shared documents and it was all done through Outlook.

Mr. Hansen, my propel teacher, had already told me that my project is going to be the one where I will have to wait a lot. Though I was prepared for it, but I still got nervous and frustrated. I had to wait for email replies for more than a week. It felt like my heart literally skipped a beat when the McDonalds manager told me that it could take weeks to get an approval for the date. To add to my misery, I didn’t hear anything from the Ronald McDonald house for days. It was a stressful week with a lot of wait.

I got lucky because, soon the wait was over. I started getting replies from people. I met the Ronald McDonald House officials and talked to them about my project. I took a tour of the entire house and their family room. The McDonalds manager connected me to the owner and both of them, sounded really happy and supportive of my project.

In just two days, I could see all the elements of my project coming together. But, now is when the true hard work is going to start. In the coming week, I have to get approval for  the details that I have proposed for the fundraising event. Next, I am going to send out appearance request letters to the Blue Bombers administration. Also, I have to start planning about all the marketing events.

Though, the entire process of this project is going to be a roller coaster ride (you know, full of emotions), But I am very excited to begin the legitimate planning of every detail of this event and to see what the event would look like in the end.



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